Based from our standard model G90/G95 Series, we can provide from 2, 3, 4, Layers of production scoreboard depending on our customers requirement.

This product can able to operate independently (Stand-alone) or with logging capabilities for automatic data retrieval using our Wireless Dongle.


System Concept

The system can operate on its own even if the installation area (i.e. production floor) does not have an existing wireless network. The system can be installed as either:

a. Stand-alone – the system will be setup separately from the network of the customer. This will require the users to connect their PC or client devices to the Wireless Scoreboard network (Base Station) in order to access the system software application or

b. Integrated – the system will be setup as part of the existing wireless network of the customer. The customers can directly access the software application without changing network connection.

NOTE: The Base Station can accommodate up to 10 Display Units. If there are more Display Units needed in the system or the installation range of the Displays are not within the wireless connectivity range of the Base Station, additional Base Station unit may be required.


A real time dashboard from the system’s software contains visualization of all deployed scoreboard from the production which includes current output, difference from the target and status (running, idle, offline & completed) of your machines and/or assembly lines. The LINE NO. background color changes based on the status of the line.

GREEN – if there is a running JO

GRAY – if there is no running JO

BLUE – if JO has been completed

If the large display is disconnected from the Base Station (for example, due to network connectivity problem), the entire display block for that line will be grayed out as shown from LINE 05 and LINE 09.


The reports tab displays the summary of all jobs that are recorded in the database. The Summary Report is automatically filtered by the JO produced “Today”. For “Today” view, only the JOs processed within the day will be shown on the list.

The Summary Report also shows the status of the JOs. The COMPLETED JO are highlighted and actual Production End Time is also indicated. The currently viewed Records Summary can be exported to MS Excel file using the Export button.